Air Conditioning

At Websters, we pride ourselves on our outstanding heating and cooling services. We’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality in HVAC products and we have over 63 years of experience in the industry.

One of our specialties is air conditioners. We have the knowledge and experience that Ottawa residents need in order to make sure their air conditioner is properly installed, maintained and repaired in case a problem arises. Websters will service any make or model of air conditioner and we’ll even check your indoor air quality to ensure everything is working properly before we leave.

Air Conditioner Services

  • Air Conditioner Installation
    • If your home needs a new air conditioner, Websters will install exactly what you need. Our skilled HVAC technicians will work with you to determine your needs and make a recommendation as to which model would be best for you and your home. We install the latest makes and models of air conditioners that use a combination of technology and smart design to cool your house down when you need it most
  • Air Conditioner Maintenance
    • Properly maintaining your air conditioner can help prevent problems from occurring and ensure that your unit is operating properly and at its peak performance. Air conditioner repairs can often be expensive so we recommend annual maintenance that can help prevent costly repairs. Proper air conditioner maintenance can also help extend the life of your air conditioner and sure it’s working at its peak performance when it gets hot outside.
  • Air Conditioner Repair
    • When your air conditioner unexpectedly stops working, it can be frustrating – especially if it’s during the summer months! Luckily, Websters can handle all types of repairs that your air conditioner might need. Our expert team is licensed and insured and they are skilled at solving a wide range of HVAC problems, big or small. We’ll fix any issues with the unit or the thermostat in a fast and dependable manner.

Air Conditioner Brands We Carry

  • Frigidaire
    • Let Websters make sure your home environment is a healthy and comfortable one. Contact us today for more information about how we can make sure your air conditioner is in tip top shape for summer.

Air conditioner selection from Websters The Heating and Cooling Specialists