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Frigidaire heating and air systems | Websters | Ottawa Ontario
Frigidaire comfort that fits your life.  Frigidaire heating and air systems are built to comfort your home with the quality, performance and dependability you expect from Frigidaire. Our furnaces and air conditioners are manufactured according to strict Demand Flow Technology® standards. With a Frigidaire system, you’ll experience innovative features and smart design for an ideal indoor air environment. Product registration

Lifebreath® Heat Recovery VentilatorEnjoy Continuous, Fresh, Clean Air With a Lifebreath® Heat Recovery Ventilator. As indoor air deteriorates, it makes your home uncomfortable and unhealthy. With a Lifebreath® Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV), your home will be filled with air that is both fresh and clean. The HRV is an air exchanger that constantly replaces stale polluted indoor air with an equal quantity of fresh air from the outside. The Lifebreath® HRV allows two streams of air to pass on either side of an aluminum heat exchange core. In the winter, the core transfers heat from stale outgoing air to fresh incoming air with virtually no loss of heat to the outside. Product Registration

Keeprite Performance Series gas furnaces | Websters | Ottawa Ontario
New KeepRite© Performance Series 95.5% and 92.1% AFUE gas furnaces. The Performance Series gas furnaces are reliable, competitively priced, designed for easy installation and service. Available at Websters the heating & cooling specialists.Product registration

Sensi thermostats | Websters | Ottawa Ontario

Let a new kind of thermostat bring comfort to your un-programmed life. With other thermostats, the program you’ve entered calls the shots – unless you’re there in your home to change it yourself.With the Sensi thermostat you’re never stuck heating or cooling your home more than necessary.