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Indoor air quality, how important is it?
This is an issue that concerns us all. Fortunately, prevention of indoor air quality problems and treatment to remove indoor air contaminants are easy and economical. Your home can have clean, safe air. We can provide you with an array of IAQ products to address all of your needs from complete packaged systems to individual items to incorporate with you existing HVAC system. Enhance your home’s air to maintain a healthy home environment.

Indoor Air Quality | Websters | Ottawa OntarioFor the absolute best indoor air quality Ottawa has to offer, call the leader in air quality: Websters Heating and Cooling. Since 1949, Websters Heating and Cooling has provided leading heating, cooling, HVAC and all other indoor air quality services in Ottawa. Our highly trained, fully licensed specialists don’t compromise quality when it comes to indoor air quality in Ottawa homes. This is why Websters only uses top quality products combined with top-notch service to keep Ottawa homes at the perfect temperature all year long.

At Websters, we understand that your home’s indoor air quality is critical in Ottawa. Our knowledgeable, licensed Websters heating and cooling technicians ensure all of your air quality issues are solved with impeccable service standards and product reliability. We service, replace, and install heating and cooling systems for new construction, remodels and renovations. We utilize the absolute best products for indoor air quality in Ottawa homes. For example, the iQ Drive© fully modulating gas furnace by Frigidaire offers top-of-the-line comfort and efficiency. At 97% efficient, it’s also the ultimate energy saver.

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Air deteriorates, rendering it unhealthy to inhale.The Lifebreath® Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) fills your home with fresh, clean air by exchanging stale, polluted indoor air with fresh, filtered air from outside. The Lifebreath® HRV allows two streams of air to pass on either side of an aluminum heat exchange core. Additionally in the wintertime, the core transfers heat from the stale outgoing air to fresh incoming air with virtually no loss of heat.

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Trust Websters for indoor air quality services, furnace repair, and more in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. Our families live and work with your families. We have a vested interest in providing the absolute best air quality in every environment. We solve air quality problems and provide air quality treatment to remove air contaminants, providing your home with clean, healthy air. We can provide you with an array of IAQ products to address all air quality needs, from complete packaged systems to individual products, which we incorporate into your existing HVAC system. For the best service in the Ottawa area, call Websters today: 613.722.7623.

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